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What to pack

Do not pack too much, all the lodges we visit do offer a daily laundry service. 

We suggest you bring 3 pairs of hunting clothing and 2 pairs of casual clothing.


Ammunition must be stored in a hard ammo travel case as per flight regulations, separately to the firearm travel cases. Information about firearm and ammunition travel regulations can be obtained at Rifle Permits.

Suggestions for personal clothing and other requirements

  Firearms and locking gun case for travel and soft one for safari

    (Firearm suggestions for dangerous game and plains and buhsveld animals)


Binoculars and camera


Range finder


Already well worn (not new) hiking boots


Shorts and trousers for hunting – camouflaged or dull colours – no whites or bright colours




 Travel clothing – it is suggested that women bring with them long sleeves during winter and    

    short sleeves during summer. Jeans, shorts and closed shoes for hunting. Sandals for at the

    camp site.


Warm top 

Small backpack to carry items like binoculars and range finders that you will need in the field


Sunglasses and hat for hunting (same applies for colours)


 Working gloves


 Sun block, insect repellent, chap stick and tweezers for the thorns


 Hand sanitizer


 Small torch or flashlight which uses AA or AAA batteries (easily obtainable locally)


 Comfortable shoes for when you are in camp

 Socks and underwear

 Universal multi plug – to make sure you can charge cameras etc.

Warm top 


 Any prescription medication must be accompanied by a letter from a general practitioner.

 Any over the counter medication needed can be obtained from local pharmacies.

 We advise all our clients to split prescription medication between your checked in luggage and carry on luggage in case of luggage lost.

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